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We all love music, we all like listening to songs, everyone knows that. I particularly like to listen to songs almost all the time. My favorite musical rhythms are Country, hip-hop, Electronic, and more.

It is so good to listen to songs, I mean, every time I listen to songs I feel like I am in another world. It is so good. There are times when the song tells exactly what you feel. Even though you are in problems, You feel better after doing that. . I like doing it in different situations. For example, when I start to learn a language, I like to look for songs that are sung in that language, so I can do what I like to do and learn a language at the same time and that is so good.

People are different. They have different hobbies and kinds of things like that. People have a favorite song, a favorite band, kind of thing, they also have a favorite rhythm. Maybe, not everyone has a favorite song or band, but everyone likes songs, so let me know what you think about, and what is your favorite musical rhythm?



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