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Tagalog Lite Appendix B - The Linker Na

The linker na is used to link certain words, phrases or clauses in Tagalog. The specific structures that require linkers in this book can be found in the lessons or Appendix L. When the linker occurs after certain letters, it can be modified. Sometimes this modification is mandatory, sometimes it is optional. In colloquial speech, some native speakers will omit, or not modify, linkers in certain structures. Because there is so much variation, in this book we will tell you where to use linkers, and they will always be modified as shown below.
Modification Rules:
If the first word ends with a vowel, add ng to it.
Ex: maganda+ng babae = magandang babae (beautiful woman)
Ex: gusali+ng ito = gusaling ito (this building)
Ex: Pwede ka+ng magluto ng adobo. = Pwede kang magluto ng adobo. (You can cook adobo.)
If the first word ends with an n, add g to it.
Ex: pagkain+g ito = pagkaing ito (this food)
Ex: inumin+g yun = inuming yun (that drink)
Ex: Gusto niya rin+g mag-aral ng Tagalog. = Gusto niya ring mag-aral ng Tagalog. (She also wants to study Tagalog.)
If the first word ends with any other consonant, insert the word na.
Ex: mainit na pagkain = mainit na pagkain (hot food)
Ex: bahay na ito = bahay na ito (this house)
Ex: Bawal na magluto si Angel. = Bawal na magluto si Angel. (Angel is not allowed to cook.)



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