Why LanguageCrush?

It boils down to 3 reasons: Top-notch free tools, an abundance of qualified teachers, and a diverse and welcoming community.

The Reading Tool

Our leading-edge reading tool keeps you moving without breaking your rhythm. Come across a word or phrase you don’t understand? No problem!

Mouse-over dictionary

The built-in mouse-over dictionary lets you highlight anything you don’t understand and get a quick translation in context.

Stacked with features

Most pop-up dictionaries won’t give you definitions for phrases, don’t color code words that you’ve looked up before, and don’t keep statistics. Ours does all three.

Upload audio & import video

You can upload audio and import YouTube videos, too. (Sweet, right?)

104 languages

Oh, and it supports 104 languages, more than any other hosted reading tool available.

Try our Reading Tool
Practice your reading

Write & Correct

Whether you want to become a better writer in your target language or use writing as a way to bolster your skills. Nothing beats corrections from a native speaker.

Practice your reading

Corrections from our dedicated community

Our free essay tool allows you to write whatever you want – essays, phrases, idioms – and get corrections from our dedicated community.


Our platform uses auto-tracking so corrections are consistent and clear.

Correct an essay

Better still: you can make someone’s day and correct an essay yourself!

Start learning

Community Forum

Communicate with fellow learners and teachers across the globe. Our enthusiastic community keep our forum vibrant and interesting!

Share and get tips

Share your experiences and methodologies, get tips and tricks for language learning.


Practice in any language in the “Other than English” forum or hang out with the crew in “Off topic.”

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Language learning community


Some of us study languages for months without the opportunity to practice conversation. Our global community is anywhere you are – log on to converse in whatever language you choose.

1-1 chat

1-on-1 language exchange in private rooms.

Language rooms

Group chats in language specific rooms.

Voice and text

Our tool supports both voice chat and text chat.

Let's chat

Qualified Teachers. Many Languages.

Want to have a regular conversation practice and need guidance? We have a team of approved teachers ready to help.


Easy search tool

Our search tool makes it easy to find the right fit: you can specify language, skills, times and dates, and rates.

Many Chocies

Many choices

LT teachers offer a range of options: from professional classes and packages to informal tutoring and conversation.

No risk trials

No risk trials

Some teachers also offer a trial lesson, which is a great way to take a test drive.

A Diverse and Welcoming Community

Our founder, Leo Smith, is a language learning enthusiast who created LanguageCrush as a way to give back to fellow language learners all across the world.

The LanguageCrush community is a group of like-minded people on a mission to learn new languages and experience new cultures. We are polyglots and dabblers, beginners and experts, learners and teachers. We are from multiple countries, time zones, and continents all across the world. We consider our geographic differences to be a benefit that broadens our perspective. We have a common goal – language acquisition with the support and encouragement of one another in that pursuit.

We envision a bustling website where fellow learners can pursue their language learning goals and interact with a global community. LanguageCrush was built with the sole intention of creating a platform where users anywhere can learn a language while having fun and making friends. Ultimately, we would like to see the LanguageCrush site managed entirely by our strong community of learners and teachers.

We give back

It gets better: we give back. All profits after operating expenses and development costs go to support our charity project in Tanzania, Africa: the Woyode school in Africa, an elementary school for the Masaai children.

Join us!

Get in on the ground floor. We are just getting started. Our community thrives on new voices and perspectives.

This is your playground – come play today!