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Comes with everything a free member has plus the ability to copy passages, download transcripts and import/export vocabulary. Unlimited enhanced look-ups, phrase look-ups, phrase length and passage imports. Plus get a Supporter Badge.

Comes with everything a supporter has plus a Philanthropist badge and a feeling of satisfaction for supporting a good cause.

What's included Free Supporter / Philanthropist
100+ available languages
1000s of hours of audio with transcripts
Basic word look-ups
Pronunciation of translated words
Enhanced word look-ups with full features 20 per day
Phrase look-ups 15 per day
Maximum phrase length 10 words
Import passages 15 per day
Organize passages
Download passage audio
Access available full text translation of passage
Access all content on web and mobile
Sync progress across devices
Synced Playlist across devices
Learning and community activity statistics
Teachers available for paid lessons
Write and Correct Essays
Chat (audio and text)
Have a say on new products and social impact mission
Vocabulary import/export
Copy passages
Download transcripts
Supporter/Philanthropist Badge

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does LanguageCrush cost less than other platforms while being so full-featured?

The reason our price is so low is that we are not motivated primarily by profit. Our goal is two-fold: ensure that everyone can afford to learn languages with the best toolset available, and generate enough profit to be effective in our social impact mission. We think that $60/y will enable us to accomplish this goal, and we hope that those of you who can afford becoming Philanthropists will give us a boost.

What is your language learning philosophy?

LanguageCrush has no fixed method to sell. Different people prefer different methods for learning a language, each method is equally valid, and many learners alternate methods during their learning journey. We are building a community for people who want to learn languages: it is this willingness that defines our users, not loyalty toward a specific method or app. What's more, we think that a diverse community with many approaches to learning languages is likely to benefit through sharing their experiences.

How do translations work?

Once you start working on a passage, you can select any word to get a translation in context, along with a text to speech audio that enables you to know the pronunciation along with the meaning. Full-features translations allow you to edit existing translations, add new ones and use external dictionaries.

How does color coding vocabulary work?

The Reading Tool includes a mouse-over dictionary that allows you to select words and show their definitions. As you read, you may also select words to change their colors and toggle from unknown to learning to known. The color-coding will be saved, so in new passages you will have the advantage of knowing which words you have seen, which makes reading easier.

Are there reading passages I can work on, or do I need to add my own?

Both! We have a searchable library of publicly available passages. You can also upload your own passages, from books, newspapers, videos, etc. If you have the rights to share your passage, you can add it to the library for others to access.

Is the chat a private chat or a group chat?

Both! For 1-1 chat, online members specify which language they are available to chat in. You can sort the online members list by language spoken, language learning, gender and location. Select a member and invite them to chat with you. For group conversations, join a language-specific room.

I'd like to practice writing and get corrections. Who corrects essays on LanguageCrush?

We rely on our community of native speakers, teachers and language enthusiasts to correct essays. We encourage you to give back and correct an essay in your native language if you are able.

What kinds of discussions happen on the LanguageCrush’s Community Forum?

All kinds! Because this a language learning website, most topics revolve around language acquisition and related topics. We also have an “Off topic” thread for other conversations and a lot of interesting conversations happen there.

Check our the FAQ for more!