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Tagalog Lite Appendix O - List of Tables

Table 1
Appendix F
Infinitive and Aspects
Table 2
Appendix F
Usage of Infinitive and Aspects in Colloquial Speech
Table 3
Appendix G
The Three Form Patterns for Standard Sentences
Table 4
Appendix G
The Eleven Focuses
Table 5
Appendix G
Meaning of Annotation in Parentheses following Focus
Table 6
Appendix G
All Focuses and Verb Affixes used in this Book
Table 7
Appendix H
Form Patterns for All Focuses
Table 8
Appendix I
Frequency of all Verb Affixes in this Book
Table 9
Appendix J
The Order of Enclitics in the Enclitic Cluster
Table 10
Appendix J
All Particles used in the Sample Sentence Enclitic Clusters
Table 11
Appendix K
All Question Words in this Book
Table 12
Appendix L
All Structure Equations in
this Book
Table 13
Appendix M
English Grammar Term Reference
Table 14
Appendix N
Terms and Abbreviations Unique to this Book
Table 15
Appendix O
List of Tables
Table 15: List of Tables



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