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Write a letter of advice


You write an advice column for Young magazine and you have received the following letter:
“I’ve been considering about what to do in the future. I’m passionate about animals and I’ve always desired to be a vet. But when I talked to my parents about it, the first thing they said was “No”. I feel really frustrated. What should I do?” – James, 17 years old.

Write a letter of advice.

Dear James,

How are things going? Thank you for writing to me and for venting your disappointment over your parents' response to your desire to work as a veterinarian. I was confronted with similar challenges ten years ago when I informed my parents I wanted to be an actress. They were very unsupportive and wanted me to pursue a career in medicine. Therefore, I can absolutely relate to your situation, and I hope I may help by providing some advice.

Although I recognize that you have a deep passion for animals, ask yourself whether you truly comprehend the obligations and responsibilities of a veterinarian. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I've seen a number of individuals who care for animals and aspire to become veterinarians like you, but most of them have decided to quit for a wide range of reasons. Some found out they couldn't treat animal wounds because they were terrified of blood; others realized it was unpleasant to deal with sick animals every day; others yet couldn't bear to put down animals that were too sick to be treated. And what's more, some of them even finished their veterinarian degree abroad! Having a passion for animals does not automatically qualify you to be a veterinarian. I sincerely hope you don’t learn a painful lesson by wasting your time studying things that you don't really enjoy, and I'm certain that your parents are considering the same thing.



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