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Some topics about smartphones

The app's history is very fascinating. It comes from a long time ago. To be more specific, in 1980. The revolution started in 2007. When Apple created the Apple Store. Since then, a lot of apps have been created, such as Google Maps. Uber and the bank apps use some kinds of languages to create these apps, such as Java. I'd like to give my own opinions about apps. They have modified my life in several ways. For example, I use Google Maps to work as a motorcycle courier in Araraquara, but anyone listening who's here in Araraquara city. Honestly, I feel good about using any type of technology, and I am grateful for human progress. When Steve Jobs died, the world became a little sad because, as we know, he created the Apple Company. And he was responsible for many technologies available on the market nowadays.

However, I did superficial research about smartphones, and then I discovered a lot of interesting feelings and interests about technologies. The history of chips has impressed me because I didn't know how hard they were produced. Companies such as Qualcomm produce ships all over the world. to be more detailed, ships have a lot of transistors. Inside the ships, there are a lot of compartments that serve many different functions. I don't want to explain it better because I don't know in depth how it works. What I can explain is that it is outstanding and has a brilliant electronic component.

Now I'd like to enter a new topic about smart lenses. It is a new technology created by Sony and Google, and it is a little hilarious because this lenses is intended to film and photograph the environment in which we live. It can be dangerous because it can be considered an invasion of privacy. How can I accept someone looking at me and filming me? I don't believe this type of technology will catch on.

Everything I wrote above is about smartphones. The future of smartphones is very open; new technologies can be employed, such as holographics and 6G. However, I consider smartphone technology fantastic. What I can hope for in the future is amazing.



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