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I am breathing

Dear journal,

yeah, that's me!! So I have great news for you. I think that now I can use the pass continuous ( in English ). Is this great? I think It is....
About last month ( February) , was my birthday. I made 17 years . I don't know what is different , because I fell the same fillings and in the same way. is it terrible or good ? I like to fell in this way I know that would change If I like to. However, I don't want to. Fell amazing to be me. I like me. My only problem with me right now is that I am a little anxious. Why? As you know ( Do you know, right? ) I am from Brazil and my dream is to make a university in the US. The process for make a university in the US and in here, Brazil, is totally different . I will a lot of thinks and as I possible foreign It is hard....really hard. I am trying to calm down and catch my breath due to I know If I don't breath I will be dead ....kkkkk. For my major , I had been thinking in make neuroscience , but I don't know for sure. Also , I have been think about jobs and money . I will have to make a university ( I will like to) , but I am afraid .... How Will I get a job ? How did you get a one ? Is it hard ? Terrible ?
Yesterday, I was making my first SAT test ( study) . My score was 760. I know that's horrible, but I will not give up....NERVER, I will study more and more and more until I improve myself. Any advice for me ? Did you make SAT? How was your score ?
Another thing, I love the Union College ( university ), but I will have to search , because I will need financial aid .

thanks for listening to me,



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