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The way we work and study nowadays

Education and Work have been the same for centuries, taking classes at an institution for hours, or working in an office and commuting every day. However, with cutting-edge technology, the pattern has been changing. Many companies and institutions are offering remote work and online courses. The institutions are not even making a distinction on your diploma, like bachelor's and Ph.D., between online or on-campus classes. This kind of delivery course is becoming increasingly popular because it is cheaper and more convenient to take. Universities are not the only ones delivering online classes but high schools as well. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the use of technology to keep up with classes and work became more relevant, and that is a leap forward to the advancement of the way we live today. Working and studying remotely has its advantages like no commute, and it can even reduce the carbon footprint, fewer traffic jams, and of course, save money from transportation, not to mention less stress. In the educational field, in some cases, the schedule is way more flexible, enabling the student to choose when to watch classes. I experienced all the benefits from remote work and study and I can guarantee that my development at both places was higher online than doing it personally. Internet is the future, and extraordinary developments and ideas are being created to shape a better future for all of us. The main purpose is to facilitate access and give possibilities to choose how to manage our precious time.



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