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Learning German, Turkish

Hello everyone.

I've decided to finally try to get somewhere with my Turkish.

Background: Once upon a time I visited Turkey fairly often and, because the Turks are generally so hospitable and accommodating, let myself believe that my Turkish was not too bad. After several years away from the language, a recent day spent browsing Turkish websites led me to realize that my Turkish really isn't very good at all.

The plan: Some years ago I did the Assimil course, so I have a reasonable grasp of the basic grammar. Now I plan to start over as a false beginner, focusing for at least the first few months on intensive reading and listening. I plan to use mostly materials that have been produced for native Turkish speaking children, using whatever free and legal materials are available on secure websites - and as it turns out there are lots of good materials for the A! to B! levels (or I should probably say for 4 to 12 year old native speakers). I'll post links to useful materials.

Outlook: Well, for some time now life has been fairly complicated and recently it has become even more so, so this project will probably move along pretty slowly. Wish me luck - I will need it,