Fixed - Reading tab - secondary navigation issue

Learning Spanish

I noticed (whilst testing the new phrases feature) that when I'm in most of the reading area, viewing vocabulary lists or courses or whatever the secondary navigation at the top is visible most of the time.

But it is not when I'm reading passages.

So when I reading a passage I have to go right back to the main "Reading" button and then click through, to view my vocabulary list but in reverse I could just click straight on "My passages" because the secondary navigation is available. Basically it is 1 step most of the time but 2 steps when I'm reading one of my passages.

I'll add a couple of screenshots so you can see what I mean....

When I'm in "vocabulary" I can navigate straight back to my reading or any other area within the reading tab - 1 click/step.

But when I'm reading a passage there is no way to click through to "vocabulary", "playlist" etc because the navigation - 2 clicks/steps.


It would be useful if the navigation was consistent across all of the reading area.

I hope that makes sense.

Learning Spanish very slowly :)