50 Languages Book2

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50 Languages Book2 offer their content under a CC license. About 3k sentences aimed at learners with audio. The issue is that we can't modify the recordings. Some of their recordings are very short, and I don't think that we can condense them unfortunately. Otherwise it would make a great easy addition for beginners and a good way to use the "playlist" feature. Would just love to make them more useable.

Just to put it out there guys if you're rank beginners and still want to learn with reading rather than doing srs drills over and over as a a main tool they're an option. Their website isn't great or easy to use and I'd like to keep track of the words anyways in my little "word count" thingy.


^ link to the license

Could be an easy way to generate content, especially for newbies who make up the bulk of language learners.

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