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Learning English, French, Italian, Spanish

I love neologisms, but they are slightly more restricted in my mother tongue than in English, at least I have this impression, because I read a lot, specially magazines and newspapers, and I always get surprised with new usage of words. In Brazil, this creations are restricted to informal speech and literature, of course,

I was researching about it and found an interesting text: "Part of the strength and vitality of English is its readiness to welcome new words and expressions and to accept new meanings for old words. (...) Before grabbing the latest usage, ask yourself a few questions. Is it likely to pass the test of time? If not, are you using it to show just how cool you are? Has it already become a clichê? Does it do a job no other word or expression does just as well? Does it rob the language of a useful or well-liked meaning? Is it being adapted to make the writers' prose sharper, crisper, more euphonious, easier to understand - in other words, better?"

I believe this is the moment a foreign speaker feels even foreigner (yeah, I've just tried creating one, sorry!) Harder than learning a language is keeping up with it! But I like it!