My journey with Korean (and English too?)

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Learning English, Korean

Hello! I've been trying to learn Korean for some months, so I decided to start logging my progress here. Maybe it'll motivate me more, because sometimes I just lose motivation for everything.

Something I find amusing is that, in my journey of learning Korean, I'm also learning English. It isn't my native language, but I've been learning it since I was like 3, so it feels like a rather natural language to use. Still, there's a lot I don't know, and it's obvious when I find some stuff easier to translate from Spanish to Korean or Korean to Spanish or when I translate from Spanish to English and then to Korean and I can't even find the necessary words to English.

For example, I tried to translate some lyrics from the song :( by Cariño (which is a band I just love like they're amazing ahsfdgahfdas) because I wanted to practice -고 싶어. There's a line that says:

"Quiero darte pan y que te atragantes."

So, I translated that to English, but I wasn't sure how to translate "que te atragantes" (reflexive pronouns are used a lot xd), so I went to a trustworthy translator, and the result was:

"I want to give you bread and make you choke."

After that it was easier for me to translate it in Korean (except I didn't know how to say choke). The result I got by myself was this:

"난 너에게 빵을 주고 넌 질식사하고 있고 싶어."

(I know it's 반말, but I wanted to use that because I felt it goes well with the tone of the song.)

But then I wrote the sentence in English in Papago to check if I made it right. The result was this:

"빵도 주고 싶고 질식사켜 주고 싶어."

I'm still not sure if the translator is correct or not, but at least I tried and it was a fun activity.

So... If we're talking about my Korean plan study, I don't really have a plan. I look for information at howtostudykorean and talktomeinkorean, I write my own sentences to remember vocabulary, I watch a lot of YouTube videos to get used to the language... I also use flashcards. I'm not sure how much I'm going to write here, but I hope I'll write more posts than just this one xdd.

Just messy.