Colloquial context vs translation (Spanish)

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Okay so for many language learners, typically you will have an app to hand or find yourself running of to google translate from time to time when you are stuck especially if you are in that limbo between beginner and intermediate... But how often do you translate it either yourself or with assistance and just know with your level of understanding that the translation must not be literal... you are missing some part of the context or significance in that specific case...

Well one website that I have found extremely useful for Spanish is

It allows you to put in an English phrase/idiom/turn of speech and get the Spanish equivalent rather than a direct translation it also works in reverse which has come in very handy when the boys are talking about monkeys... but actually mean a desire or an urge to do something, or when one of them told me he was only pen*sing but meant he was 'messing around and not doing anything of importance...

Hope its useful