Filipino or Tagalog?

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*** Tagalog is the Philippines National Language, it is mostly used in formal settings and documents. Over time, the Tagalog language was influenced by how we insert or add borrowed words and adjust to our daily conversation as it is more convenient for those non-native speakers who speak a different dialect. 


Dictionary - English

Talatinigan - Tagalog ( formal)

Diksyunaryo - Filipino ( widely used in daily conversation, less formal, more convenient)

Washroom - English

Palikuran - Tagalog ( formal)

Banyo - ( derived from an Indonesian word, same meaning)

Ballpen or Ballpoint pen - English

Panulat - Tagalog

Bolpen - Filipino

In short, you can think of Filipino language as an upgraded form of the Tagalog language. 

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