Tagalog Daily Expressions Part 1

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Magandang Umaga- Good morning.

Magandang Tanghali - Good noon.

Magandang Hapon - Good afternoon.

Magandang Gabi - Good evening. * We don't have a direct Tagalog translation of Good evening, but ..

"Sana ay mahimbing ang tulog mo" is I wish you'll have a sound sleep.

Kamusta - Asking someone a status

Kamusta KA? - Ka here means YOU. Kamusta ka means HOW ARE YOU as an individual. 

Kamusta KAYO? - KAYO here means YOU with other people. It can be your family, friends, group, etc. How are you with your ____?

Kamusta SILA? - SILA here means THEY. How are they?

Kamusta TAYO? - TAYO means WE. How are we?

**The Philippines has been colonized by Spaniards for years so the Kamusta has been associated with the Spanish greeting " Como Esta?"

Responding to KAMUSTA:

Ayos lang ako. - AYOS means OKAY / WELL / GOOD. 

                                LANG means JUST. 

                                AKO means ME / I. 

                                Ayos lang ako means - I'm (just) okay. 

Hindi masyadong maayos. - Hindi means NO / NOT.

                                                      Masyado means QUITE

                                                      AYOS means OKAY / WELL / GOOD.

                                                      Hindi masyadong maayos means Not quite good. 

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