Do you have tongue twister phrases in your local language?

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Back in my elementary years, Peter Piper was the most common tongue twister that my English teacher taught us. She's so eager to get our attention, have fun learning English and help us practice proper pronunciation. 

In our local language, there are some tongue twisters that you can also try. ( If you'd like.)

1. Bumili ako ng bituka ng butiki sa botika. ( I bought a lizard intestine from the pharmacy). Sounds weird, right?

2. Ang relo ni Leroy ay Rolex. ( Leroy's watch is Rolex ) The person is referring to a watch brand.

3. Minekaniko ni Monico ang makina ng manika ni Monica. (Monico fixed the machine in Monica's doll)

- By small and simple things are great things brought to pass! 

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A aranha arranha a rã. A rã arranha a aranha. Nem a aranha arranha a rã. Nem a rã arranha a aranha.

O sabiá não sabia que o sábio sabia que o sabiá não sabia assobiar.

Fala, arara loura, A arara loura falará.

Bagre branco, branco bagre.

O que é que Cacá quer? Cacá quer caqui. Qual caqui que Cacá quer? Cacá quer qualquer caqui.

Bote a bota no bote e tire o pote do bote.

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Бурі бобри брід перебрели, забули бобри забрати торби. (Graish-brown beavers wandered over a wade, beavers forgot to take away their bags)

It`s Ukrainian