Listening practice for beginners • Llamarse (to be called)

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Learning English

Are you in the look our for some listening practice? Let me help you out!

As a teacher who works with absolute beginners, I know how hard it is to find online content that focuses on the basics. That's why I decided to create this series of really short and easy exercises for people who are completely new to the language.

Cause even if you've started learning Spanish just a few weeks ago, it's never too early to start working on your listening skills!

Today's practice is focused on the verb Llamarse (to be called). Basically the name we use to talk about people's names. Your job is to find the mistakes in the sentences that I say:

How was it? You can see the the answers here if you want to know how you did.

That is all for today :) Send me a message if you have any questions and suggestions, and subscribe on YouTube, Apple Podcast or Spotify to never miss an episode!