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  1. Le français est ma langue maternelle.
  2. 我是法国人。I learn Chinese in highschool.
  3. Then I wanted to learn Ancient Greek, but there wasn't Greek I started Latin during one year.
  4. Aprendi español despuès, porque no habia chino en la escuela secundaria.
  5. I really became fluent in English during my exchange trip in New-Zealand. I learned some Maori too.
  6. Ich nicht spräche Deutch gut. I learned German after because it became mandatory.
  7. Lapsina, minä rakastin suomea Lapissa. Seitsemän vuosia myöhemmin, matkustin Tampereelle.
  8. At last, at university, I had my first Ancient Greek lessons, but the teacher was going so fast in the program.
  9. I studied Old Norse during one semester.
  10. I had one course of Korean.
  11. I started Estonian with a friend.
  12. I helped an Hungarian student in her French-learning. I started Hungarian. 
  13. I discovered Duolingo : I learned Kiswahili and Turkish.
  14. Recently, I started Italian, Portuguese and Arabic to converse with family and friends.