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Learning Chinese - Mandarin

I am not so much an expert but I feel making your own cards is good and then testing more specifically what you want to learn. It's difficult to test reading, listening, vocabulary all at the same time. I have just been making my own anki cards to test sentence listening skills for mandarin. I took the audio from a series called "Growing up in China". I set up the card to repeat the voice five times. If I can't get it, there's the replay audio button to listen again. Then I reveal the card with the answer and the audio will repeat another 15 times. So then I am reading and listening at the same time. My brain might zone out and I try to mimic the recording without reading. That helps me move along my speaking skills a bit more. I am just learning vocabulary through the sentences. It is a lot of time to make the Notes but I am listening to the audio as I make the Notes so I guess that's only good as well. I am not really bothering on the reading characters. I can glance at it but it's not a main focus. Maybe for reading, I will use a different card that shows the sentence first, then audio when revealed.