Do you think that writing down words help with learning?

Do you think that writing down words help with learning?



This poll will run forever.

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ikaymoreno wrote:
SGP wrote:
ikaymoreno wrote:
I grew up writign down things so it's helpful for me. I feel like I'm learning it twice when I write things down.

And I also grew up writing down things.
Still doing so for a number of purposes.
While also striving for balancing it, and not writing down too much.
Because one day I read that in some situations (not all), a piece of paper would act as an external brain cell.
And it would be one that isn't available all the time.
Then I verified this claim a bit ;), and at least for me, it really was like that too often.
So writing something down could either aid or hinder remembering it, it depends.

I'm so old school I design PowerPoint presentations on paper. Hahahahahaha! I used to do that because we didn't have a computer so I need to have my sh*t all planned out before I go out and rent a computer to write a report or create a PPT. To this day, I create my outlines for manuals and PPTs on paper before I work on it on my laptop.
That and my to-do lists are still on paper. :) I use Asana for most of my projects but I still have a to-do list on paper.

Ha, PowerPoint on paper sounds fun :D :D