How to Learn Korean Fast (2)


Tip #1: Find a Language Partner

There’s no doubt that the best way to improve your language skills is to get as much speaking time as possible. 

Find a Korean language group near you on sites like Meetup. 

If you don’t have any Korean communities nearby, you can also try finding language partners online through forums or groups on Facebook.

Tip #2: Take a Group Korean Class

While learning a language can (and should) be a lot of fun, 

you might find yourself losing some motivation after a period of time. 

Find ways to keep your practice routine fresh, 

such as taking a group Korean class with other like-minded learners.

Tip #3: Watch K-dramas and Listen to K-pop

Watching Korean dramas, movies, and TV shows is a fun way to incorporate more Korean into your daily life and increase your vocabulary. 

If subtitles are available, turn them on in case you come across a word you haven’t learned yet.

After a while, you’ll be surprised at your brain’s ability to connect phrases and vocabulary with their meanings, 

even if you haven’t exclusively studied them yet!

Tip #4: Have an Immersion Experience

If you have the time and resources, 

the best way to learn Korean fast is through complete immersion in Korean culture. 

Take a trip to Korea and you’ll be challenged to speak and read in Korean at every turn.

Although many Koreans will be able to speak to you in English, 

commit to only speaking in Korean. 

If you have to, explain that you are trying to learn the language.

Tip #5 Set SMART Goals

All the above are excellent tips for how to learn Korean fast, 

but without specific goals you may find yourself overwhelmed with all the new information you’re taking in. 

Set SMART goals to create a learning strategy that includes healthy milestones and will keep you motivated to achieve the next steps.






Tip #6: Don’t be Discouraged

If you’ve made it this far, you’re obviously serious about learning Korean. 

Don’t be discouraged if/when you make mistakes along the way, 

and don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone to practice speaking Korean more. 

Native speakers will appreciate your efforts and enjoy helping you learn!

Mastering Korean takes time and effort; as the saying goes, 

“Nothing worth having comes easy.” 

So celebrate each time you achieve a goal, and remember what inspired you to learn Korean in the first place! 

It will feel incredibly rewarding when you look back and realize how much Korean you’ve learned to speak, read, and write.