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I've been learning English for many years, and one of the things that made my learning process much faster was watching videos about topics I liked. Of course, it can be difficult to find them sometimes. That's why I'm making a list of YouTubers I watch that you could like if you're into these topics. 

Before I start with the list, I need to point out two things:

1- It can be difficult to understand them if you don't have, at least, an A2. Of course, this doesn't mean you can't want them anyways, because it can still help, specially with pronunciation. 

2- The list is going to be of Youtubers who speak Spanish and Galician, because these are the languages I can speak fluently. If you want to recommend youtubers who speak other languages in this topic, you can and I would thank it.

I'll start with reviewers. Danna Alquati and Luna Martínez are two of my favorite ones. They talk about other stuff, but they usually review and make fun of bad movies. I really like their humor and I really recommend them.

If you like videos which are Contrapoints style, I would recommend PutoMikel. He talks about history and he mixes it with current topics. If you are curious about Spain's history specifically, I'd say he's a good one to watch.

I'm not sure exactly where to put him, but in Galician I recommend olaxonmario. He talks about several topics, but the principal one is Galician. He doesn't teach how to speak the language, it's more about talking about the social problems Galician has had sfor centuries. He's also very funny.

I watch a lot of ASMR, so I can recommend a lot of ASMRartists, like Gisse ASMR, ASMR with Sasha, SusurrosdelSurr ASMR... In Galician I recommend Na utopía non existe a vertixe ASMR and Cousas RarismASMR. A special ASMRartist I want to mention is Sonámbula que no despierta. She mixes ASMR with literature. I think she's very original and she's a very sweet person.

Talking about books, I love reading, so I consume a lot of booktube. Some of my favorite bookstubers are Clau reads books, Lamelaluna, Podcast Viajemos Leyendo, La hormiguita lectora, Volando entre letras, La física de los libros (she also talks about science) and paulo m. In galician I don't know any bookstubers per se, but Neumatiko makes videos about the history of galician literature (and sometimes recommends some recent books). I find his content very entertaining and I discovered some nice books.

If you like videogames, I would recommend Joseju. He usually talks about videogames and he sometimes does funny sketches. His series about Flextape is epic.

I'm sure there are other youtubers I could talk about, but I'll stop for now. If I discover new ones or I decide to add more people I already know, I'll continue this post. You can also add more if you want to, and it doesn't matter if they speak Spanish, Galician or any other language.

I hope this list can help someone!

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Wow! Thank you for sharing 😊