Learning English: B2 -> C1

Learning English, Portuguese

Hi! I started my studies in English on January 2017. 

Currently I can say I'm a B2, I'm satisfied with my listening and reading skills. However, I struggle a little when speaking about complex things and writings is soo hard. I really want to push my English to and advance level, speak more "native" not bc of the accent but about the words and expressions. I don't care about accents. 

March 25th, 2021

Now I maintain my level using English everyday almost 8hrs/day. I read, listen and watch a lot of material in English, I don't study it very often.

  1. I like Assimil "perfecionamiento" series, i'm using it but not as often as i would like to. 

I'm gonna search for some videos and tips about getting to C1 in English :), 

Thank you for stoping by, see you soon.

I hope you have a nice day! Native: Spanish 🌺