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This is from a Hong Kong-based language school, but I love that it subtitles in Spanish and English simultaneously and it is pretty basic and clear to listen to and understand and helped me a lot when I moved out here, I found actual Spanish television shows to fast and to native for me to really progress, I would get fed up and turn them off quite regularly... I watched these videos and I also followed a BBC series called mi vida loca (which is interactive) I am sure I posted the link for that one before though it would have been a few years back so It may be a little buried in the forums... If I can find the other post I will link it here in the comments. Enjoy!

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Here are 2 Spanish video with subtitles in both Spanish and English.

If they are too fast - there is a slow motion option and the j key send you a few seconds back.

Watching a few times at faster pace will make normal pace sounds more easy.

Your Name - Kimi no Na wa

Mi Horrible Experiencia en el Sistema Educativo