ChatGPT / Voice Over Exchange

Learning French, German, Spanish, Thai

I've been having fun playing with the new AI Chatbot called ChatGPT. Its English is fantastic, and I was wondering if any native speakers could comment on its Spanish, French or other languages.

I want to create a series for my nephew about a bunny named Conejo. My nephew will determine what type of situations Conejo finds himself in, sort of a build your own adventure story.

The MP3 is computer generated, but if the Spanish is good and there is native Speaker willing to do a voice over. I'd be willing to do a voice over for English texts in exchange. I'm not expecting voice acting just native pronunciation and cadence.

If the Spanish is good, I'll also share it on the reading tool.

The Bunny Who Ate His Carrots Differently

Era una vez un conejo llamado Conejo que comía zanahorias de una manera muy diferente a sus amigos.

Once upon a time there was a bunny named Conejo who ate carrots in a very different way than his friends.

Mientras que todos los demás conejos simplemente mordían sus zanahorias y las comían, Conejo las pelaba cuidadosamente y luego las masticaba lentamente.

While all the other bunnies simply bit into their carrots and ate them, Conejo carefully peeled his carrots and then slowly chewed them.

Los demás conejos se burlaban de él por su manera de comer, pero Conejo no les prestaba atención.

The other bunnies teased him for his way of eating, but Conejo didn't pay them any attention.

Él sabía que había encontrado su propia manera de disfrutar de las zanahorias y no necesitaba la aprobación de nadie más.

He knew he had found his own way to enjoy carrots and didn't need anyone else's approval.

Finalmente, un día, uno de sus amigos se enfermó gravemente después de comer una zanahoria en mal estado.

Finally, one day, one of his friends fell seriously ill after eating a bad carrot.

Conejo se ofreció a ayudar y peló cuidadosamente la zanahoria para su amigo enfermo, que finalmente se recuperó gracias a la comida masticada adecuadamente.

Conejo offered to help and carefully peeled the carrot for his sick friend, who eventually recovered thanks to the properly chewed food.

Desde entonces, los demás conejos dejaron de burlarse de Conejo y comenzaron a admirarlo por su manera única de comer zanahorias.

From then on, the other bunnies stopped teasing Conejo and began to admire him for his unique way of eating carrots.

Conejo se sintió satisfecho de haber encontrado su propio camino y de haber ayudado a su amigo en el proceso.

Conejo felt satisfied to have found his own path and to have helped his friend in the process.