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I just saw a video about a woman in Colorado harassing 2 women for speaking Spanish to each other at a store. There was this young lady who stepped up for them and called the cops on the harassing woman.

All this made me realized that I am very thankful for this forum where you can find like minded people who love languages and that can understand the importance of them, instead of seeing them as a threat.

Cheers to all of you, I wish you all the best!!!!


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I think that woman represents a goodly number of American people who have bought into some nonsense about what is and isn't American. Fifty years ago, there were many people like her who hated anything "un-American." Thank goodness there are now laws in place to deal with those who think the way she does.

Hispanics, together with Latinos represent the second largest ethnic group in the United States. The US Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas is Hispanic-American. In many places, Federal Law requires signs to be represented in English AND Spanish. Spanish is taught in American public schools for goodness' sake.

When she was arrested and charged with bias-motivated harassment (thank you, Colorado legislators) she insisted she was being patriotic. Now I wonder where she got that idea.