Looking for German grammar book recomendations.

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Hi everyone. I am looking for German grammar book recommendations. Mainly, material that can give me the following:

  • Structure.
  • Detailed feedback.
  • Units on topics (if possible).

I have been a self-thought German learner for a while now. Even tho I love it (because, well, it's free and I get to have fun while studying things I like) spending a lot of time searching for useful and focused exercises is quite tiring, and I still lack the structure and the feedback.

Recently I accidentally stumbled across this one on the web, that deals with German cases. It may solve some issues, but I am sure there are better options out there. If someone knows about good (downloadable) books, please let me know!

In case it helps someone, this is the shop where I found the book and has many other options. I haven't bought anything, so be careful and make sure it is legit in case you are going to buy something. If I do purchase anything, I'll update this post saying it's safe.

Thanks to anyone interested!

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