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I had a lot of trouble finding good resources that explained conjunctions in German, so I thought I should share my findings here. It was important for me to see the three types of connectors in a single layout because they all modify sentence structure differently, but most pages included only two.  

Just for clarity, the three types are:

  1. "Koordiniere Konjunktionen" meaning "coordinate conjunctions"
  2. "Subjunktionen" meaning "subordinating conjunctions"
  3. "Konjunktional Adverbien" meaning "conjunctive adverbs"

Or at least those are the ones I know about, please correct me if I am wrong. Many sites only cover the first two in one topic and the second as another one.

This site does a good summary of the three types of connectors and their following sentence structures. It is in German.  

Here are some other sites that I stumbled across. They do a pretty good job at explaining the first two types of connectors, and they are in English:

"Conjunctions in German"

"German Conjunctions (Konjunktionen): A Complete Guide"

May you use the one that is more useful to you  

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