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In my opinion, nowadays, the second language is the most important element for getting a job or living in a better life.

As a matter of fact, not learning a second language would not affect too much on your life living.

However, for your bright future, it is essential to learn second language to broaden your knowledge and choices in your life living.

If you are over 30, it might be a little late for you to start learning a new language.

For your child(now or later), it is a good start to educate them a second language.

In my personal opinion, if I have a child, I would make him/her start learning a second language at the age of 7.

As your child's younger, the more he/she learns a second language quicker and more accurate in accent.

The Question Is,

Would you educate your child in his/her young age to learn a second language?

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Would you educate your child in his/her young age to learn a second language?

If I ever have children, I would encourage them to learn a foreign language for sure.

In Serbia, and most European countries for that matter, it's nearly impossible to grow up these days without learning at least some basic level of English. English language classes start from the very first grade of primary school (6-7 years old), and continue until the last grade of high school (17-18 years old). Even though these classes are usually quite low-quality (classes are large, ranging from 20 up to 40 students per group, teachers are usually uninterested in doing their best because of the low pay), it's really hard not to pick at least something up over those 12 years. We also watch movies and TV shows in English and play video games in English, and we're constantly exposed to the language.

Due to these circumstances nearly everyone knows at least some English and can hold a conversation, and therefore speaking and understanding English is a requirement for basically any type of job where working with people is involved. Speaking English very well, though, opens a lot of other doors: you can teach others (private English lessons are extremely popular, both for children and adults), get a higher position in your company or get employed by one of the many companies that use English as their main operating language. I have basically landed all the jobs I've ever had because of my ability to speak and write in English, and/or translate from English to my native language.

I do think that speaking English is, if not completely essential, at the very least a huge benefit to anyone in the modern world.

IWhen it comes to other languages than English, I feel like in my country, speaking a language like French, German or Russian can be an extremely valuable skill that you can build a whole career from, but it's definitely not a basic requirement like English is. A lot of foreign language university graduates struggle to find jobs in my country, and it's a pity really, as the quality of translation found in books, subtitles etc. can sometimes be god awful, and the knowledgeable young people don't often get a chance to improve those, because the same people hold the same jobs forever.

Anyway I've been rambling a lot now, I hope it's not too boring or difficult to read. Cheers :)


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Kosta.Cirkovic wrote:
Would you educate your child in his/her young age to learn a second language?
Anyway I've been rambling a lot now, I hope it's not...

Not at all. I had a good time reading it.

Having people like you who cares with those problems in their country is a good start. If no one ever notice them then nothing's gonna be solved as they will see it as if it's normal. It will get better and I pray the conditions in your country get better soon.

I would really kids to learn a new language. I always love people to learn new things and that includes other languages. There are advantages that we can benefit from this such as improvement in our brain by increasing our attention span and boost our problem solving skills as this requires focus. Next would be the immersion in the outside world where English is a major language everyone is using. I too landed most of the jobs I ever had because of my knowledge in speaking little English. I've been preferred than other candidates because of this reason alone so it does give advantage to us.

So would I educate my child at a young age to speak a foreign language? Yes definitely as I've already seen these benefit/advantages that I've been able to use in this modern world. As Kosta also said, kids in elementary schools would often be instructed in English as a way to immerse them in that language. Kids who already know the language most likely will excel in school because they can understand the teachers without difficulty. I want to teach them but there's just one thing I don't want to happen in the course of their learning. I don't want them to forget how to speak fluently in our native language. I've seen a lot of kids who are speaking very fluently in English but aren't conversant with our native language at all and somehow that saddens me. I don't know why but somehow I don't want to see the kids growing up in whatever country they're from and doesn't speak or understand their own language. But this is just me.

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