My Pets

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I had dogs, hamsters, fishes, turtles and cats. My first dog was a Chocolate Labrador, the second one was a beagle, but a bus ran over her and killed her. I was in Canada at that time, so my parents told me when I was arrived. The third one was another Chocolate Labrador, she was very destructive, my parents decided to give her away. The hamsters, I had two, a female and male, the female was very aggressive though, she ended up beheading the male and two weeks later she commited suicide. The turtle, one day I took her to school, I was very small and did not understand the seriousness of it, everyone took her, in the end that was what killed her. The cats, first I had two cats, two females cats, one was lost, the other one was so nervous so she just wanted to be with me, she followed me everywhere, but she was pregnant, she had the kittens, but two months later I took her to have an operation so she wouldn't have any more kittens, the vet did the surgery wrong through, she gave her internal bleeding and she died, she died in my bed. I kept the three kittens that she had. I had them for a year, however my dad was already stressed about their hair so he gives them away too. I haven't had any more pets since then.