Tips on Achieving Fluency in a Foreign Language

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Hello! I am really interested in learning from those who may be fluent in a language or trying to become fluent in a language some of your best tips/advice that you have personally benefited from in your pursuit of mastering the art of a foreign language. 

To share some of my own advice, I think that the 3 most important traits a language learner must have to reach fluency are: (1) discipline in learning the language, (2) sustainable interest in learning the language, and (3) a passion for a culture that speaks the target language. 

Looking forward to hearing what the rest of you may think or would like to share. Thanks!

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Good question. I'm curious - in your mind, what is fluency exactly? 

Learning Italian every day!

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You need (1) interest, (2) discipline, and (3) great resources. :)

As adults, it's harder for us to get into something we have zero interest in so that comes first. Discipline comes next because since most of us are learning on our own, we have to be able to make sure we do the work and do it regularly without relying on someone else to make us do it. Great resources is also crucial because there's no one way to learn really. We all have different learning styles so you have to experiment and try different techniques and mediums. This can be apps, YouTube videos, audio books, text books, classroom learning, one-on-one sessions, e-learning modules, etc.