Organising one's time

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Organising your time is really not as difficult as people make it. You just really have to look at the day, and figure out how much time you are going to spend on all activities. Rest is dedication, to each one of those. And, REST, IS an activity too :)) 

The brain works perfectly when it knows what we're doing. So even when it is resting, it will put itself in a mode of resting and rest more efficiently. When we are working, same. When we are on a date for example, also, another personality/you. You just need to ask yourself, What are we doing now?, and hear what the inner voice has to say. Because honestly the more you are in tune with yourself, the more you can reprogram yourself and the more efficient you are! It's even superhuman what we can do when we listen to ourselves. 

What most people do today, is they/we force them(our)selves. We make us go to work, mechanically, we brush our teeth, mechanically, we go grocery shopping, mechanically, we even make love mechanically, but I have noticed that even the world is not asking for that much now, the standards are lowered and I'm talking about the average citizen now, here. So it's one of the reasons why we craft beliefs about ourselves and the world where we "don't have enough time.. are not qualified for that... I am not ready for that.. I'm not good at that... I'm not good enough.." (Beliefs that usually all stem from childhood too) and our potential decreases, because what you see the majority do is what you eventually identify with. But if you zoom out, and meanwhile figure out what health is for you, you'll understand it's not even you organising your time, you'll understand you have never experienced freedom for example, you'll understand that you want to take your life into your own hands, etc etc... 

And do you know how they say geniuses really didn't/don't spend that much time working? Einstein, Nikola Tesla, famous poets, male/female, no-one worked for more than 5 hours a day. Rest is meditation, and bringing ideas forth. And once you gather all of yourself, once you have made agreement inside yourself, in your mind/body, you finish with the activity you will undertake that moment, very, very quickly! For real, when the inside peace and pleasure propels us to work, we are quicker than the beam of light. At least it can feel that way. :))

This is a different way of seeing how to organise one's time, but once you program yourself, you need to be doing that. 

If you for example have only an hour to study the language you want to learn, (a situation I read on the other topic here on organising one's time) or do whatever for that matter, you don't look at the rest of the day/hours, you really take one step forward first to start doing the activity. If ever an hour makes an issue for you, (you worry, you struggle..), you really need to be seeing at the first 5 minutes in front and know what you are going to do in those 5 minutes, that will make you learn the language for an hour. Just step by step, don't look to far, something I will explain a bit in details just now. 

So, there is another aspect of self exploration, which helps tremendously. 

We need to figure out how we see time. And when you do this, you need to feel how you feel about that, when you question this. So it's not a mental game where you rationalize your feelings towards time, but rather you ask, and you see/notice/observe the inner feelings and sensations that appear in/on your body regarding that. Your face can react, you gut can react, your stomach can react, your shoulders can rise in fight or flight for example, yiur whole body can change position, whatever it is, it is the most objective sign of how your subconscious/ yourself feels about that. And you just need to interpret that. If it is a negative stance, feeling, not really pleasant, then most probably you fear time for example, a belief that has been forged long time ago, (that for example, time is against us). Or you worry, also another way to stop yourself from succeeding (this is approached slightly different). And fearing anything, won't take you to collaborate with it right, so... And since the subconscious is what doesn't or does allow us to progress or organise, or it makes us procrastinate, because there are aspects in the subconscious we are not aware of, you will never succeed. Always trying, always struggling, not ever questioning, what it is inside me that prevents me to do this, what is it inside me that wants something else that I don't communicate with at all, and am not familiar with. And once you question, you listen :):):) 

So I gave a bit of a mess of advices, suggestion and techniques, as well as some more information on why we find it difficult to organise our time. It's really about finding love for what you are about to do, programming yourself by letting the subconscious know that, in this hour, this is what we're doing, and then, dedication. While doing it, don't worry or think about the time, don't worry about other activities you are supposed to do in the day, be fully present, as if it was your last activity on planet Earth! :)) But, honestly, when the subconscious knows how much time you give it for this or that, it will stop at the exact time of completion/end, it will give you something, a reminder, a sign (to look at the clock maybe), that the time for that has passed. It is same for waking up. Many people don't use alarm clocks, yet are super attentive at work, punctual, and all of that. But this kind of trust in yourself, does need a little bit of attunement to oneself already, something I believe all of us here have. 

I am sorry for the long post, I think it contains interesting info and will be interesting to read. 

I included some of my own techniques and viewpoints/insights, as well as insights I have payed to know about ;) Otherwise, I would really like to know your ways of dealing with it, how do you see these techniques, what would you suggest, what would you correct, what you disagree with etc. 

Good day! 

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Thanks for your very thoughtful post. 

I think you raise very important points - the importance of rest, and just giving your learning time to slowly settle in. Often, we are very tempted (and also led to believe) to cram because we want instant results, but several studies suggesting that rest also plays an important role in the learning process. 

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Yes, it is self awareness. Being present, mindfulness, whatever name you want to call it. It is slowing down, being aware of what you are doing and of your thoughts. I am very attracted to this subject, but it wasn't until I got older and started to read more about it that I learned that knowing myself and the way I feel and think would determine the outcome of many situations.  

Thanks for sharing.