Request for additional subforums / narrower categories

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I find the forum a bit chaotic at the moment. I think adding additional subforums would help a lot.

For example, some of the existing forums could be divided as follows:

Other than English > Target language only forums (meant for native speakers or advanced learners)

  • Chinese only forum
  • German only forum
  • Portuguese only forum
  • Spanish only forum
  • etc…

Language learning questions (in English, so that beginners and intermediate learners can post questions)

  • Chinese section
  • German section
  • Portuguese section
  • Spanish section
  • etc…


  • Language learning apps
  • Language learning books
  • Non-language learning books (novels, non-fiction, etc)
  • Movies and TV series
  • Podcasts and radio programs
  • Music
  • Language schools


  • Website in general
  • Reading Tool
  • Write & Correct
  • Community Forum
  • Chat


  • General
  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Food
  • etc.

That’s just an example of course. Ideally, subforums could be split up or reorganized each time they start to get a bit confusing.

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Thanks for you suggestions. I've spent a lot of time in language forums, and I actually prefer our current organization. It started out modeled after a simplified version of HTLAL. But I won't close this topic so that others may add their ideas, and we may get back to it when the forum becomes busier.

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