Tip for improving listening skills and increasing vocabulary

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I have proven myself it works very well! 

I've taken up a new hobby which is learning astrology and tarot and, as I'm always worried about improving my skills, decided to do so through youtube videos in English. To my surprise it ended up being a great exercise because the subject is really open, in terms of vocabulary. Of course, they deal most of time with feelings and psychological descriptions, but everything is possible to be discussed in that universe. I listen to at least one everyday, and I'm finally getting confident my listening skill is teacher level.

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If your tip is to watch videos on topics that interest you, I agree that it's very helpful for improving listening and vocabulary. But reading the transcript in addition can be even more helpful. Just how helpful can depend on several factors, for example, level. A person at a very low level may not understand enough to get use out of such videos without any aids. 

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