Tagalog Grammar Lite, a new free Tagalog Grammar course

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Dear Tagalog learners, 

I am pleased to announce Tagalog Grammar Lite, a new free Tagalog Grammar course available now at Language Tools. It can be found here: https://languagetools.io/book/1

(If you are a Language Tools member learning Tagalog, the link to the book will show up on your dashboard too)

I have spent close to 1000 hours working on this using many resources and getting corrections from native speakers, and I believe it’s the best Tagalog grammar course available. But if you don’t think it’s the best, or if you can suggest improvements, I’d like your input. At the bottom of each page there is a “offer corrections” button. You will be taken to a plain text version of the lesson, where you can suggest corrections by typing directly over the lesson text, or by leaving a comment.

Because I’m looking for more input and haven’t had an editor go through this yet, the book is in beta. After a year or so I plan on taking the corrections and publishing Edition 1 on Amazon. I will update the online version too, and it will always be free, with the Amazon version available for purchase for those who want a paper or kindle copy, or who merely want to support the course. (Like all Language Tools products, any profits from the book will be used to fund a school we are building for the Maasai in Tanzania, Africa.)

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you that we have a very nice collection of dialogs for Jessica Soho in our reading tool. You’ll need to be a member to use these, but membership is free. And finally, we have a friendly group of skilled Tagalog teachers available for one-on-one lessons. Lesson prices vary per teacher.

Thank you for your interest in Language Tools,

Leo Smith

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Its great. I've stickied it to a few Tagalog/Pinoy discord servers. It doesn't cover advanced affixation, but its really solid. I've only skimmed it for now but after I'm done in a few days I'll look at it closer.

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