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Tagalog is my first language and it is the only language that we use at home when I was young. My mother loves to watch foreign movies especially American movies. If she lets me watch Disney movies, I will. Hence, having Tagalog as my language, I really cannot understand what were they saying. I just watch out for their actions and barely understand the movie at all.

Even so, as I was curious with everything, I will catch common phrases that I hear from the characters. As time go by, I will recognize it on every movie I watch. 

Thereof, one of the easiest way to learn few words, phrases, or sentences, is through exposing yourself by it over and over again. Not just limited to words though, but the language itself. The more you hear common words, it will be easier for you to remember it and know when exactly it can be used.

What are the common things you easily remember in the language you are learning?


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Learning words in groups or phrases is called "chunking". That is one reason why Pimsleur works so well. 

In the Philippines now.