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I just wanted to point out that 小红 makes a false statement. He appears to say the steering wheel is on the right in the US, but it is on the left (just like the China). I am guessing he just remembered incorrectly his time in the US.

小红:对,而且美国好像也是右侧的驾驶,但是驾驶室跟我们不太一样。(Yes, and the United States also seems to drive on the right side, but the cab is not the same as ours.)

小明:嗯… 好像你要左侧驾驶室的话,你驾驶的方向盘就有可能在右边。(Hmm... It seems that if you want a left-hand cab, your steering wheel may be on the right.)

小红:好像美国是靠右侧驾驶,然后右舵,就是方向盘在右侧。咱们国家是在左侧方向盘。(It seems that the United States drives on the right side, with a right rudder, that is, the steering wheel, is on the right side. Our country has the steering wheel on the left.)

In the Philippines now.