Changing our mindset to language learning

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Weeks ago I found this video and I started to search for information about our mindsets and language learning, I wasn't disappointed. Our mindsets guide our thoughts and determine what we think and how we act. One of the most important tips I found was that your mind chooses the way it wants to learn and that we always have to be aware of the difficulties we find during our learning path so we can do changes in our learning or encourage us to go further. There might be times that we think that we s***k..... but, no we don't, we are learning! We just have to set our mindsets with positive and encouraging thoughts to help us reach our goals. 

Mindsets that can help us improve in our language learning:

  1. Self-motivation and being aware that everything counts.
  2. Mistakes won't kill you, they'll make you better.
  3. Consistency, dedicate time to your language learning.
  4. Immerge in your target languages, find activities that can help you get better ans better.
  5. Practice, no matter if you learn "how to do" things, you have to "do" them. 

I must confess that I'm not too good with my midsets when it comes to new languages, when I start to lack in consistency my self-motivation goes away. "You are not practicing, you will not learn" that's one of the thoughts I have every day I don't practice at least some words. From now on, I'll try to change those inner words and I'll say to myself "Oh, I don't have time to practice today, but I can hear a podcast in Italian or German". 

How do you feed your self-motivation to keep your consistency?

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I feed my self-motivation through identifying the different purposes of learning the said language. If I have to learn it for work, then I'll have to study it as much as I can. If it's for personal interest, then I'm going to study it when I have time or whenever I feel that I like to. :)

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Awesome,! Thanks for sharing! :grin:

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For me, I'm either motivated enough or I'm not. Motivation isn't something I can manufacture or even regulate with any consistency. It simply exists at the core of my being. So when I hear pep talks that ask me to "get motivated!" I just shrug and say "how?"

Ime, people who try to figure out ways to raise their motivation to be sufficient enough to stick with a language until they reach their goals are fighting a lost cause. People who have to pump themselves up to get motivated can't maintain that level of motivation for long. I'm not saying this to discourage anyone, I want everyone to succeed actually. I'm just telling the truth about my personal experience with language learners over the years.

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