Christmas Holiday


Hello, Everyone!

As everyone knows, the Christmas is coming very soon.

I just came up with this question, "How do you spend your Christmas Day?"

I have a close German friend who told me that they have two-days Christmas. I haven't heard any details yet, but this was very fascinating to hear.

Ex) In Korea, typically, many couples spend their time together and go travel or eat dinner in a restaurant.

Ex) In the United States, normally, people spend their time with their family at home. Most shops or restaurants are closed on Christmas Day.  

Please share with me with a couple of sentences about your thoughts and stories :)

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I recently got to know about that German custom too. I honestly don't understand it very well and it's kind of alien to me, but I am sure they have a good time :)

Here in Mexico is mostly the same as in the US. We have dinner on the 24th. However, our holiday extends to the 6th when we celebrate "Día de Reyes" ("Day of Kings"). The three kings that came with presents to Jesus when he was born come on the 5th's night to bring 3 presents to each child (similar to Santa). The same night we also have dinner with a special bread with little "baby Jesus" pieces inside. If you happen to stumble across one of them in your bread piece, you have to buy Tamales (mexican dish) on February 2nd, which is another festivity. It's quite fun because you never know who's going to pay for dinner!

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