Tips for learning a Foreign Language.

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Here are a few tips that have proven to be useful when learning a new language..

1. Right Approach

When learning any new language, it’s great to approach it with a positive attitude. It’s good to be excited and motivated about learning this new language because your thoughts and energy will influence how much effort you put into learning and retaining. 

2. One step at a time

Like learning anything else in life, you take it step by step or “chunks” at a time the same applies to a foreign language. Don't try to consume a bunch of areas/topics at the same time or else you'll get confused easily and it won't stick. So take it a step at a time. Start with simple areas like; greetings, introductions or basic phrases ("Please", "Thank you!", "Excuse me" etc.).

3. Conversation

Great way to make progress when learning a new language is have conversations in that new language. So whether you’re engaging your friends in conversations in the new language, listening to audio conversations and trying to translate as it goes by or just to learn the use of a word in the right context and pronunciation is a great way to make progress!

4. Balance

  You don’t want to make learning a new language the center of your life or your biggest priority. Though, it might sound contradictory it’s good to take occasional breaks to reset and go back at it with a refreshed attitude. It also tests you to see how well you retain what you’re learning.

5. Reading

Just as you had to read up to improve on your vocabulary and knowledge with your native language, the same applies to a foreign language. 

6. Learning Approach

Avoid making the mistake of sticking to one learning method. We all learn differently and a technique or learning method that works for someone else won’t always work for you. Trying new approaches or learning techniques to see which works best for you is always great and makes it better for you.

7. Cover the Pillars that make up a Language.

Imagine language learning just like a puzzle which needs to be put together in order to have a full picture.

The main skills that make up any language are:

 Reading skills

 Writing skills

 Listening skills

 Oral skills

It’s better to work on these skills simultaneously (even if it’s not always possible) in order to avoid any imbalance in the language. 

It is okay to focus on one skill more than the others, if you’re having trouble with a certain aspect of a language.  

8. Culture and Language Variations.

Always remember that in the same way your native language is influenced by culture a foreign language is also influenced by the culture or has variations. 

Obviously, this list of tips for learning a new language isn’t exhaustive. There are other tips that could be added to this list, but these are just a few I wanted to share with you.


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Thanks for sharing!

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Excellent post Roshane!

Learning Italian every day!


If I add one more important thing in this topic,

I say the repetition is also an important part of learning a new language.

If you don't study daily and practice daily, you will easily get forgotten what you learn or study.

It is very important to study day by day and practice harder.