Foreign Students or Exchanged Students Most Frequent Questions Asked


I was reading an article about the most questions foreign students or exchanged students might have been asked.

I mostly agreed about the questions that I was reading through the article. 

I am sharing some questions you might as well get asked (Fun things).

#1 "You are from (Your country)?" "You must be from (Capital)"

Ex) "You are from Sweden?" "You must be from Stockholm"

- For those students who are not from their country capital might get irritated if they keep getting this question.

#2 "Say something in your language!"

-Personally, I really do not like to speak up my native language in front of English speakers. How do you think about this one? Would you like or dislike speaking up your native language?

#3 Your language sounds like angry/sad/noisy/funny/weird.

-As I am a native Korean, I have been heard that it sound like "I hate everything........"

#4 My friend is from "Your country." Do you know them?

-Of course I do not know them. Just because I am from Korea, I do not know every Korean living in the United States.

#5 You look like "Jackie Chan." (this applies to people from East Asia countries)


Personally, those are the questions I got asked frequently.

*If you are currently a foreign student/exchange student or was, please leave comment below about the questions you have been asked :)

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Haha, great topic! I've been in your shoes, for example, I was recently studying Korean in Seoul for 1 month. 

#1 Nobody asks me if I'm from Washington DC. But a somewhat related issue that annoys me: I'm from Washington state, which is on the opposite side of the country from Washington DC, so people will assume they are the same.

#2 Nobody asks me to speak, but many people address me in English. I'd rather they didn't because I'm studying the local language, but it doesn't happen enough to annoy me. 

#3 Nobody does this, but this video is funny.

#4 This only happens if they know someone from Seattle, but yeah it's pretty illogical.

#5 Some people think I look like Ed Harris

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Awesome post! I've been asked some weird questions myself when I was on exchanges in Denmark and Finland. Got annoyed more than once haha.

1. The classic. "No I'm not from Belgrade. Yes I study in Belgrade, but I'm from Novi Sad, have you heard of it?" People usually either have no idea, or recognise Novi Sad as "that place with the music festival".

2. Another classic. I never know what to say, like, there are so many words, I can't just say SOMETHING without thinking, tell me what to say! But other than that I don't really mind it.

3. The best remark I got (from an Italian girl) was "Serbian people talking in Serbian sound like they're planning a murder, and then they laugh and I get even more scared"

4. Honestly never got that one. Would be dumb if I did, I don't know 8 million people haha.

5. I got a remark that I look like Nat Wolff, but that one's from my girlfriend and I loved it :D


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I love this post!

#1 I think this is normal for everyone who's speaking to a foreigner. It's a way of getting to know each other I guess but that's just it. 

#2 This is so true I'm usually annoyed with this. When they ask this to me, they're really forceful and it's as if they're really expecting me to say something that would sound funny in their language. I think that's expected, I just don't want how aggressive they are in doing this. At least in my experience.

#3 Thankfully I hadn't received this comment yet about how I speak my language ha ha! 

#4 This is so funny! I don't know why they always think this way lol. I would understand it if they could at least give the neighborhood address or if we worked in the same company before. 

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments!

I was thinking that if you have ever lived in foreign countries, you might have been asked for those questions.