How are you learning a new language and how long have it take?

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Hello, I am very curious to know what have work the best for you to learn a new language. Do you use a tutor, software, a book. Have you been able to learn several languages at the same time. Please share your experiences with me.

For me I have studied English since I was in kindergarten, because my school was a bilingual school. Half of the hours were in Spanish the other half in English. I learned a lot of vocabulary and Spelling but it wasn't until I came to the US that I began to practice speaking and pronunciation. I still struggle with my grammar the most.


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I've experienced the same thing in my quest to learn French. I studied it in my high school and I although I had basic knowledge, I feel like a complete novice about the language. 

In Nigeria, everyone speaks English or pidgin or a native language. French is very rare and so until I get to a French speaking country, I may just only know the written French and not the spoken French.

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Smartchiny wrote:
until I get to a French speaking country, I may just only know the written French and not the spoken French.

Why? It's quite possible to learn the language on your own, and take conversation lessons online, or just do free language exchanges with native speakers if you want. This site is designed to help people do that. There is a place for language exchange (Chat), and teachers you could hire. There are other free tools too, so it's not a requirement to live in the country of the language anymore. 

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It depends. For example if you native language comes from Latin origins and you are trying to learn one that is also from that origin is much easier. But if you are English native and trying to learn arab is very hard.

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Hi! The last time I started learning a new language, I used the method of language exchange via Skype. I found the offer in a rather unusual place, as I still wasn't taking any firm initiative to learn it, so wasn't even aware that there are sites/sections designated just for that on the web. So I found the girl for Spanish and the boy for Arabic, on Couchsurfing, in a group for a language exchange. Otherwise, I also like learning alone, and that I do by listening a lot, I love voices and acting so that is my main point of interest. I love reading too, I just usually consult an acquaintance/friend from the country which sites are most popular or more objective on the national or international news in the language I am studying, and I read from those places. I am familiar with Spanish since little, so it's not very hard for me to read and enjoy in it. 

Tutor is a great idea too, because you can never replace guidance, or company for that matter. But I myself can not pay for it at the moment so I turn to other means. 

I studied French and English at the faculty (although main subject was interpretation and translation) and in high school too, so I believe it is possible to learn two languages at the same time. You just really shouldn't question a lot, doubt a lot, just rather go with the flow and not worry what you are retaining and/or how much. At some point you will evaluate and see if that is/was working. 

My native is also a Slavic language, so it has nothing to do with the Romance languages that I was learning. So, I am not sure.. It is supposed to be seen as more difficult, but if you don't question it a lot, but have the desire only to learn both at the same time, going with the flow is easier way to release resistance and acquire the best of both. However maybe group learning is better when learning two languages from scratch at the same time. I strongly adhere to that. Company takes our minds off the fact how are brain and personalities switch while learning two languages or more simultaneously. 

But any time you have difficulties, you can always choose to stick to one only. 

That's what I think :)